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About Building the common future

The project „Building the common future” is directed towards students at the age of 16–19. It concentrates on developing the cooperation between teams of teachers and students from partner countries and also between experts from various areas. The aim of this cooperation is to increase professional skills of the project participants.

Constant technological advancement influences the development of every society. Our students, after their graduation, will take part in this development through their professional work where they will be able to use the knowledge acquired in the educational process. The project realisation will allow students to satisfy their needs in this field. The companies cooperation will influence the awareness of correlation between knowledge and practice. It will show practical ways of using it and it will familiarise the participants with different technological solutions. Students, by taking part in the project and becoming acquainted with different technological ideas, will acquire skills increasing their chances in European occupational market. Schools participating in the project will have an opportunity to evaluate their own curriculums and to choose solutions, effectively used in partner countries, which succour the educational process.

Our project will result with mechatronics devices which will be collective creation of all partners. The project gives the opportunity to confront and develop their skills with creative thinking. Besides students will get new skills confirmed by a certificate. All products and activities will be presented in special album documenting the project course. What is more, the effects of our cooperation will be edited and published in English and also in national languages of all participants in forms of brochures, website and multimedia files. A very important thing will also be promotion of the Leonardo program among local community by local media.

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