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About ZSZ

Vocational School Complex is a facility of a rather complicated history. Formally, the school, in such form as at present, has functioned since 2004, but its origins date back to 1955Then it was Major Mining School, whose graduates found employment in the coal mine on May 1. The building, which now houses the school was opened in 1972.Over the years, out of occupations typically mining, the school was built on the training in specialties of electric, gas, mechanical or bookstore. In the meantime, school name has changed several times and classes of mining completely disappeared
In 1999 the school established the Centre of continuing Education , which took the education of adults. In 2002 the County established the Centre for Continuing Education and Consulting Methodology, which focused school youth, a school for adults and methodological advice center for teachers.
This form has survived two years and in 2004 it was separated from the structures PCKUiDM: Vocational School, District Centre for Continuing Education and District Teacher Training Centre, which also changed its registered office.
Since then, the school re-starts training for miners, who - thanks to the agreement with Coal Company - after finishing education they have a guarantee of employment to one of the Company mines. Currently specialization in mining, and therefore a guarantee of employment have pupils of mining, electrical and mechanical classes.
The ZSZ also educate in a very interesting and future-oriented profession that is mechatronics technician. It is precisely this line of students, primarily involved in our project. It is also interesting to offer environmental technology and mechanic of industrial automation and precision equipment at vocational school.
Students of our school have at their disposal a gym, playground, library and well-equipped modern language laboratory, IT, mechatronics or chemistry. They also benefit from the resources of the Practical Training Centre as part of the PCKU. Thus, they may have classes at the unique adit.
The school is located very close to the city center. This location makes access to school from nearby villages very convenient.
Good conditions for learning, and qualified teaching staff and students'hard work bring results in competitions, professional Olympic and sports competitions.

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