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About PCKU

At the time of establishing, County Centre of Continual Education (Powiatowe Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego- PCKU) was one of the first places in Silesia aiming at continual education. From the very beginning the management of the school placed particular emphasis on the quality of teaching. As the result of carrying out the policy, in 2006 the school was given a certificate ISO 9001:2000, (at present version ISO 9901:2008).

The originality of the school is also a modern teaching basis. Apart from very well equipped computer and professional classes PCKU has a laboratory of mobile robots. It consists of three robots Hexor II which since 2006 have been used as modern teaching aims. The donor of the class is an energy concern Vattenfall.

A significant element of PCKU activity is being engaged in union projects. In 2004-2007, due to experience in using elements of e-learning in everyday teaching classes, PCKU took part in ‘Idea for a success’ project. In October 2008 our school was admitted to ‘Open school for adults’ project. A few months later it was engaged in ‘Promotion and popularization of continual education by using modern media’ project. In September 2009 PCKU got involved in a project ‘Building the common future’ carried out in Leonardo da Vinci programme.

PCKU from the beginning has been placing great emphasis on innovation and originality of teaching methods. As the first school in region we have started using educational platform MOODLE which in 2005 resulted in opening a Local Centre of Distance Teaching. From 2008/2009 e-learning has not been only used as an additional part in traditional teaching but also as a complex way of transmitting knowledge.

The students can expect high quality teaching and access to the most modern teaching aims (laptops, projectors, interactive boards). Moreover, the teachers organize additional courses and trainings which broaden their knowledge and master their skills. During the school year there are also organized lectures devoted to problems of modern world as well as different kinds of competitions.

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