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About IPSIA Gaslini Meucci



School CounseIl: It is the institutional structure which governs the school as it has power over the organization, the academic lite and activities of the school.
Executive Committee: Its duties range from preparing the works of the School Counsel to assuring itself that decisions taken in the School Counsel are carried out and respected. It can decide to prevent decisions of the School Counsel from being put into practice if they are in contrast with the school rules.
Presidency Committee: The Presidency Committee focuses on:
- curing that the daily aspect of school life goes on without problems, that is to say, it authorizes students to enter or leave the school earlier or later, provides the substitutes of teachers that may be absent.
- caring for the good functioning of the School, thus particularly giving attention to bureaucracy, eventual emergencies and of the discipline of the students
- coordinating the didactic activities which can take place inside or outside school, working alongside with the teachers who are responsible for each class.
- putting into action the decisions of the Teachers' Assembly

Students and, generally, everybody can refer to it in case he or she thinks the school rules have been broken. It finds its members among the teachers, students' parents and the Students themselves.
Teachers' Assembly: It is made up of ali the teachers of the school. It has powers over didactics and on the functioning of the school.
Class Assembly: The class assembly is made up by:
- all the teachers teaching to the class
- two parents and two pupils who are elected each year by ali the parents of the pupils and by the pupils themselves.
Since the academic year 1998-1999 it has taken place the role of the Coordinator, who is a teacher chosen among the teachers who teach in a specific class. The coordinator periodically checks the Class Registry and reports to the families the Absences which were not justified. He or She is responsible for the courses that are set up in order to give a chance to the students who were left behind in the teaching activities to catch up. The Coordinator is responsible for the papers summarizing the educational profit of the single students in prevision of the end of the terms. He is a point of reference for the entire Class Assembly and for the families.


DENTAL TECHNICIAN: after three years of studies it is possible to obtain a Certificate of Dentai Operator. It is an intermediate degree, which does not give the possibility to work as a Dentai Technician. He is able to carry out simple works, in a supporting role of a dentai technician. Once the student has completed the five years' course, they get the degree of dentai technician and, after they have sit for and passed a State Examination, they are entitled to work as dentai technicians. 

OPTICAL OPERATOR: The optical operator needs a basic Knowledge in the optical specific field and also in the optical technology(which will be achieve with a further 2 year-course).The student must have a technical and operational knowledge in using the specific optical devices as well as handling of the optional materials.

ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN: after three years of studies it is possible to obtain a Certificate of Electrical Operator. He is able to set up and operate electrical plants as well as electrical machinery in civil and industriai structures. After the five years' studies he gets the full degree, which is necessary to enter university.

ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN: after three years of studies it is possible to obtain the Certificate of Electrical Operator. The Electronic operator can set up and operate electronic machinery. He can make up and repair electrical plants. At the end of the five years' course, it is possible to obtain the full degree, which is necessary to enter university.

TELECOMMUNICATION OPERATOR: after three years it is possible to obtaìn a Degree of Telecommunication Operator. This type of graduate can set up and care for telecommunications wires, antennas and plants. At the end of the five years' course, it is possible to obtain the full degree, which is necessary to enter university.

MECHANICAL OPERATOR: after three years it is possible to obtain the degree of Mechanical Operator. The graduate will be able to understand a technical blueprint and get from it the necessary information to operate mechanical machines. He has also to know the various technologies and the possibility to work on specific materials as well as being able to work with specific instruments. After the end of a five years' course, he will get the degree which is necessary to enter university.

PROFESSIONAL AREA: This course is divided into two years which are organized as following:
- one course is set up by the school and consists of 30 hours divided into five days and are linked to particular dìsciplines
- another is organized by the Region or by the school and it is made up of a course of 300 hours of which 180 of theory and 120 of stages in various commercial and industriai activities.

The latter takes place on Saturdays and it also consists of learning modules which take place in specific times of the academic year. The various stages take place in the last three weeks of the four year of the studies and in the first three of the last year of studies. 
At the end of the course the pupils will get a Certificate (second-level degree) which is recognised by the European Community.

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