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During the course of the project the following particular goals should be accomplished:
- getting to know the Italian, Polish and Turkish standards and procedures of professional market, 
- improving language skills (especially technical language),
- getting new professional skills,
- getting a certificate after a practice training on using Solid Edge software,
- confrontation of theory and practice,
- increasing practical professional skills,
- comparing technological solutions employed in education in partner countries,
- teachers’ experience exchange
- getting to know the culture and customs of partner countries,
- knowing the technical documents,
- becoming acquainted with new working methods,
- achieving a competitive position in the professional market,
- comparing vocational educational systems in different countries and elaborating materials concerning this topic,
- promoting of LLP and Leonardo da Vinci program,

The main goal of the project is:
- increase professional skills,
- improve foreign language skills (technical and business language),

Topics and problems:
- comparing all partners school's technological solutions employed in different educational systems,
- comparing capabilities of software used in education in partner countries,
- improving English language skills also technical/professional, consolidating the European cooperation.

The ways and methods to achieve the goals:
- participation in training completed with a certificate confirming professional qualifications,
- employment of multimedia training materials created during the course of the project,
- participation in training classes conducted as a part of the project,
- participation in additional professional English language classes,
- creating multilingual internet service concerning the project's activities,
information posters and brochures,
- album documenting actions concerning the project,
- publication of materials concerning the project realisation by local media
- participation in events promoting involvement in different other projects

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